Populous is a robust population registry. It stores any data discretely, and provides both population level views for your reporting and monitoring needs.

Populous handles all electronic data formats, and aggregates clinical data from any system in any format, at your discretion. No data, regardless of size or format, is discarded. This allows for a vast amount of reporting, with the data depth you require, regardless of changes in specifications from governing organizations.

Populous brings an unparalleled ease of use into your reporting. Anyone can review and create population measures or ad-hoc queries with Populous’ build tool, giving a complete breakdown of the results, and the individuals, both matching and missing. Unlike other registries and EHRs, all data that is normalized into Populous is discrete and available for reporting.

Populous provides real-time dashboard views of any subset of a users population. This can be by facility, care team, or direct patient association.

With Populous, organizations gain immediate insights for potential gaps in care within their patient populations.

Populous supports care and disease management functions; assists in medication reconciliation, and reduces the cost of care.