Alchemy ensures organizations have their data at any time, in any format, whenever they need it. Alchemy can receive data from any system, and can deliver it in any format, including proprietary.

Alchemy is a middleware interface that operates in realtime to provide data conversion operations for organizations needing to make the most of their Healthcare Information.

It receives HL7 messages, CCD, CDA or C-CDA Documents, FHIR Bundles, or proprietary format files, and transforms the underlying data into a format and structure that your organizations resources can best utilize.

Best of all, it integrates directly into MIRTH, or similar Interface Engines, can be accessed via a REST API, or embedded directly into your .Net Applications as a licensable library.

Very few organizations have the expertise needed to navigate through segments, Xpaths and templateIds, and also know how to properly understand the underlying data. Does your organization need some method of obtaining critical data elements, and the confidence in knowing it was accessed properly?

Alchemy helps, by parsing out all of the discrete coded data elements that it is provided, and then turn around and restructure or format them to fit your needs.

Many organizations receive CCDs and CDAs from different sources, and just need them to conform to a single spec. Many have partners that require submissions in a specific file format. Others have existing applications expecting data as custom XML. Some have data analysts that just want the data human readable, like in a spreadsheet. Are you using your healthcare data to its fullest potential?

Alchemy does all of this and more. Contact us today or download the brochure for more information.

Alchemy delivers:

  • conversion To or From any HL7, FHIR, BCN CCD/CDA, Wellcentive Advanced, .xls, CSV, or proprietary formats;
  • get data in QRDA-I, QRDA-III or other eCQM formats you require, on demand, whenever you need it;
  • utilize data aware add-ons for advanced reporting, fillable forms, and clinical team workflows using previously inaccessible data;
  • aggregate and store normalized interface data from any systems, for any needs;